Gordy Haab’s soundtracks for Battlefront and Battlefront II are being released!

In some exciting and unexpected news, Walt Disney Records is releasing Gordy Haab’s soundtracks from Battlefront and Battlefront II!

The music for both games was fantastic and well-received, but it was never officially released – until now! The soundtrack for the first game is actually already out, as Battlefront was released this past Friday, January 29. Then this upcoming Friday, February 5, the soundtrack for Battlefront II will be released, available both to buy and to stream.

I think this is very exciting, and it’s really cool to see Disney releasing Star Wars video game soundtracks recently. Last August, nearly a year after release, the soundtrack for Jedi: Fallen Order (by Gordy Haab and Stephen Barton) was released, and now the Battlefront soundtracks are launching. Combine that with the soundtrack for Squadrons (also by Gordy Haab) being available at the game’s launch, and we now will have officially released soundtracks of all the Star Wars video games in the Disney era – which is good news, since the music has been great.

I listen to Star Wars music all the time, so anytime we get a new release like this I’m probably even more excited than most people. And I’m hoping that these releases do well and generate enough attention to convince Disney to keep dropping Star Wars music that has never been officially released. Most notably, that means the third and fourth seasons of Rebels (by Kevin Kiner), but it could also include a fuller soundtrack from the first six seasons of The Clone Wars (also by Kevin Kiner) and anything from Resistance (by Michael Tavera). And then, of course, there are the complete soundtracks for the Star Wars films that could be released too.

So yeah, I hope this is a trend that continues, but regardless, I’m excited to be adding these soundtracks to my collection!

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