The logo for Ahsoka looks curiously familiar…

There are a ton of new Star Wars projects coming soon, including over ten shows coming within the next few years!

One of those shows is Ahsoka, a spinoff of The Mandalorian that focuses on the fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano. She was introduced as one of the main characters in The Clone Wars, later starred in Rebels, and then was brought into live-action with the second season of The Mandalorian. In that show she was played by Rosario Dawson, who will return to the role in the Ahsoka series.

The series will be executive produced by Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, with Filoni seemingly working directly as the showrunner, as he is currently in the process of writing the serie and is the one who has overseen all of Ahsoka’s story so far. With the announcement of the series, we also got an awesome logo – which you can see above. And it’s that logo that I want to discuss briefly here today, because it’s quite intriguing to me.

There are some similarities with this logo to things we have seen before. I’m going to mention three of them, and I’m going to start with the one that I’m guessing has the least relevance and working toward the one I assume has the most relevance.

1. Meditation in Fallen Order

The first, as some have pointed out, is that this bears some resemblance to the Meditation spots in the video game Jedi: Fallen Order. Take a look:

What’s notable here is that this is how you progress in-game in your combat and Force capabilities. As Cal Kestis journies, these Meditation spots are both save points and upgrade points, and they are intended to reflect him meditating through the Force. So, maybe to pare all of this down, this has to do with Cal’s connection to the Force.

Keep that in mind.

2. Grogu on Tython

The second is actually from The Mandalorian. In Chapter 14, the episode right after Ahsoka’s appearance, Din Djarin and Grogu travel to Tython, to the site of an ancient Jedi Temple. They were directed here by Ahsoka, who told Djarin to place Grogu on the seeing stone to allow him to call out through the Force. This is exactly what happened, and as Grogu connected through the Force, this is what it looked like:

Notice that the markings at the bottom of this picture, as part of the blue field surrounding Grogu, look to maybe be in a similar vein to the markings from the Ahsoka logo. So, again, let me simply point out that here Grogu is connecting with the Force and meditating.

Keep that in mind too.

So we’ve seen two things that seem to look somewhat similar to the logo for Ahsoka. And, to be honest, I’m not sure how significant this actually is. I’m not at all suggesting that these things will tie-in to the Ahsoka series or anything like that, but that’s why I’m trying to draw out something important about both of these things: they represent a Force-sensitive person connecting with the Force, whether that’s Cal Kestis or Grogu.

And I think that’s what can give us a clue for the Ahsoka series. Rather than seeing it as a tie-in to Fallen Order or a secret clue on Tython, I think we should mainly recognize the fact that this testifies to one’s connecting with the Force. And that’s where I think the Ahsoka series is going.

3. The World Between Worlds

Part of the reason why? Well, that would be our third similarity to highlight, and while the previous two seem more coincidental than connective, I wouldn’t be surprised if this third one shows up. And it’s the World Between Worlds.

Near the end of Rebels, “A World Between Worlds” was a stunning and hugely consequential episode, and it was one of the best of the whole series. It also introduced us to this concept of a World Between Worlds in the Force, which Ezra Bridger stumbles upon. This is a portal of sorts connecting all of time and space through the Force, and he is drawn to a ‘portal’ to where Ahsoka is. He saves her from Darth Vader by reaching across time and pulling her into this mysterious space, and then at the end of the episode, as she heads off to figure some things out, she heads back into this portal, back to Malachor.

And, well, just look at this particular ‘portal,’ as well as the World Between Worlds in general. It’s quite interesting…

So the writings and markings along the edge of this portal look very similar to the ones around the edge of the Ahsoka logo, and the lines and stars within the logo look like they could not only be a star map, but also an allusion to the World Between Worlds.

Now, I don’t want to read too much into a simple logo, particularly since the logo was created before Filoni has even finished writing the series. But I would not at all be surprised if it contains some sort of references or allusions or inclusion of the World Between Worlds, since that is particularly relevant to Ahsoka’s story and was created by Filoni.

But tying all three of things together, I think we can probably make a fairly good guess about a very significant aspect of this series: the Force.

I know that probably sounds obvious, but with Ahsoka Tano’s character and Dave Filoni’s oversight, this seems to be a golden opportunity to dive deeper into the mysteries of the Force. And with the logo bearing a resemblance to things we’ve seen other places strongly connected with the Force, I think that no matter how the details play out, and no matter whether these similarities are intentional and matter or unintentional and coincidental, we can assume that this show will dive into the Force in a way many stories have not previously.

At least, I hope so! Because that would be really cool.

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