Moff Gideon is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

With the second season of The Mandalorian under way, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is bringing some key characters to the popular mobile game.

We just recently got Kuiil in the game, while IG-11 is coming soon as well. Those two characters are both available to unlock through the Galactic Challenges events, and then will be farmable at a later point.

But they aren’t the only characters from the show coming to the game. In the Road Ahead post for November, the developers revealed that Moff Gideon is coming to the game this month! He will be unlocked through a Marquee event, which means that the character will be easily unlocked through an event, but then you have the option to either pay to get him to seven stars, or wait several months for the privilege of embarking on a long, arduous single hard node farm.

Additionally, the Road Ahead hints that more characters from The Mandalorian will be coming:

And we’ve still got a few ingots of Beskar saved for some surprises and there may be a few more friends coming from the Mandalorian yet. Stay tuned to see who else shows up to the holotable.

Moff Gideon being simply a Marquee character is very surprising, but that makes the tease at the end not surprising. Gideon has been a highly requested character (as the developers note in their post), and with the arrival of Kuiil and IG-11 to round out a Mandalorian squad (since we already had The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, and Cara Dune in the game), it seems that we are primed and ready for a legendary event with these characters. We haven’t had a legendary event in what feels like forever – the last one was Padme in May of 2019!!! – and now that we have a squad of five, we seem set up for one. So people speculated on who the legendary character would be, and Moff Gideon seemed to be the most likely.

But instead, he’s a marquee character. It kinda feels like when Jango Fett was highly anticipated and wound up being only a marquee character (and the letdown that many fans felt because of it), so we’ll see what happens moving forward. But here’s my point: the tease about more characters coming makes me think that the legendary character from The Mandalorian will be someone else, and that means that maybe it’ll be someone introduced this season? We’ll have to wait and see.

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