Anthony Daniels returns as C-3PO in Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge VR experience

On Wednesday it was announced that Anthony Daniels is returning to the role of C-3PO for the upcoming Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge virtual reality experience!

A trailer for the newest VR experience from ILBxLAB, which releases this holiday season, was released, showing 3PO (voiced by Daniels) and his trusty counterpart R2-D2. Check it out!

In an interview with, Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge director Josh Perez III shared about what we can expect from this story. Basically, you’ll travel to Batuu, where you’ll meet barkeep Seezelslak – who is voiced by another familiar Star Wars voice in Bobby Moynihan, voicing Orka in Resistance and having a cameo in The Clone Wars. Seezelslak will tell you stories that are spread across various eras in Star Wars, and as he does so you’ll actually get to experience those stories.

So, with 3PO, Perez revealed that you’re on a ship that is transporting 3PO to Batuu, but you crash and have to help 3PO and still accomplish a top secret mission for the Resistance. Even in the trailer itself, you can notice that 3PO mentions being a Resistance spy, and of course we see that R2 will appear as well. That’s pretty cool, but probably coolest of all is just the fact that Anthony Daniels is once again returning to the iconic role. He is the only actor to have appeared in every Star Wars film to date, which includes not just all nine saga films but also Rogue One and Solo. Additionally, he has lent his voice to 3PO in a host of other material, including The Clone Wars, Rebels, and Resistance, among many other things. And now, he’s voicing 3PO in this VR experience.

But it’s not just C-3PO! Yoda will also be appearing, as this storytelling format (of the barkeep telling you stories from across the eras) makes it possible to bring in familiar faces like 3PO and Yoda. It all sounds very cool.

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