Star Wars releases epic animated short film in promotion of Squadrons

The video game Star Wars Squadrons is set to release in just a few weeks, on October 2, and in promotion of that, Star Wars released an epic animated short entitled “Hunted.”

The nearly seven minute video follows Imperial pilot Varko Grey, the leader of Titan Squadron, in a battle sometime following the Battle of Endor. Things don’t go exactly as planned, however, and he winds up being hunted by a New Republic X-Wing pilot – while having to make a choice about the Empire’s future and his part in it.

It’s incredible. Check it out here:

The short was created by ILM, Electronic Arts, and Motive Studios, and it resumes a fun Star Wars tradition. For the Old Republic games, we often would get epic cinematic short films to help promo the games, and it’s really cool that we’re now getting another one of them – every bit as impressive as those that came before it, and maybe more so. I would love to get more and more of these.

Squadrons releases on October 2 and will feature both multiplayer and single-player starfighter modes. For the single-player story, you’ll alternate between Imperial pilots (of Titan Squadron) and New Republic pilots (of Vanguard Squadron) as you fight during the final year of the war.

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