The ten best gags from the amazing LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga trailer!

I typically do breakdowns of new Star Wars trailers when they are released, and recently we got new trailers for upcoming video games!

I’ll be doing a more serious one breaking down the Squadrons trailer, but today I thought it would be fun to break down the trailer for a game I’m especially excited about, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga! In the form we’ve come to love and expect from these games, they pair exciting moments with humorous gags that provide a brand new twist on iconic Star Wars moments from the nine-film Skywalker saga.

So, in this breakdown, I figured I’ll look at my ten favorite gags from this trailer! Let me know what your favorites were – and if I missed any that you especially enjoyed. But first, here’s a look at the phenomenal trailer, in case you haven’t seen it. There’s even an appearance from Yaddle!

Here’s a breakdown of my ten favorite gags from this trailer:

10. Mourning Snoke’s death

This one’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, especially since we’re getting a glimpse at one of the most epic Star Wars moments ever: the throne room team-up between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. As the two unite and turn to face the charging Praetorian guards, we get a glimpse in the background of one guard who isn’t jumping into action. Instead, he’s standing by Snoke’s throne, holding his head in his hands, crying. It’s on the one hand a bit sad, but it’s also exactly what we’ve come to expect from these LEGO games: sublte humor in the background. And crying troopers.

9. Skiing Resistance trooper

Keeping with The Last Jedi (which we’ve never seen in one of these games before!), we get a look at the Battle of Crait, as the Resistance ski speeders race out to battle. But as they do so, we see a Resistance trooper literally skiing behind one of the speeders, yelling “woohoo!” as he looks at Poe as he skims by, skiing along the salt flats of Crait. I mean, yeah, I guess they are SKI speeders, after all.

8. C-3PO’s oil bath

In A New Hope, C-3PO looks forward to the oil bath, saying, “This oil bath is going to feel so good!” And he gets that oil bath, but it doesn’t look quite as good as it does in this LEGO game. Here, 3PO is laying in a bathtub, complete with a shower cap and brush as he scrubs. Meanwhile, Luke holds a pair of underpants while R2-D2 plays the iconic message from Leia Organa. As you’ll probably notice on this list, I think C-3PO gets some of the best gag moments in these games, and that’s no different in this trailer.

7. Luke’s blue milk

Blue milk is the most well-known Star Wars drink, having first appeared in A New Hope at the Lars Homestead. Since then it’s become a bit of a fan favorite, and one version of this game actually comes with a Luke with blue milk minifigure for pre-orders. So they’re certainly not going to pass up the opportunity to use it in the game, and they show it off at an opportune time: the classic moment from Return of the Jedi, when Luke catches his lightsaber above the sarlaac pit? Yeah, this time, he catches a carton of blue milk, drinks it, and is left with a blue milk mustache. Presumably he then catches his lightsaber after drinking this. Priorities, right?

6. Who shot first?

You might be familiar with the whole “Han shot first” debate, and that scene gets the LEGO treatment here. While it doesn’t seem like they’re out necessarily to settle the debate, they do provide a bit of a humorous twist to this moment, as Han and Greedo exchange shots at each other while ducking under the table to avoid the opponent’s blasterfire. And yes, Han shoots first in this trailer, by the way.

5. Fishing for Anakin

Not even Anakin Skywalker’s lowest moment is exempt from LEGO humor. After losing to Obi-Wan Kenobi in a duel on Mustafar and being left for dead, Anakin is helpless – and that’s when Palpatine finds him, just like in Revenge of the Sith. But this time, Palpatine watches by from his ship while his clone troopers use a fishing pole to reel in Anakin.

4. “You probably didn’t recognize me”

This one is actually two gags in one, and both of them are great. The main focus is on General Leia Organa, who arrives on Takodana in her Resistance transport as seen in The Force Awakens. But as she emerges, she’s wearing the famous Leia hairstyle from A New Hope – something she quickly realizes and changes into her hairstyle from TFA. That’s funny enough as is, but my favorite part of this is actually C-3PO in the background. What’s he doing? Using a paint roller to paint his arm red, which he then waves at Han Solo – in the process splattering paint on the Resistance ship. I’m guessing this won’t be the only joke about 3PO’s red arm in this game.

3. Luke and the porgs

Keeping with The Force Awakens (and into The Last Jedi), we see Rey arrive on Ahch-To to find Luke Skywalker. She approaches a cloaked figure standing on the cliff, and we all think it’s Luke… until the figure turns around and reveals that a couple of Porgs are wearing Luke’s robe. The Jedi Master then shows up and trys to get the robe back. We’ll probably get quite a bit of Porg humor too (we see it multiple times in the trailer), and I’m all for it. This is great.

2. Punch it!

Another C-3PO gag comes from The Empire Strikes Back, when Han, Chewie, Leia, and 3PO are in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Han yells, “punch it!”, and Chewie then immediately proceeds to punch 3PO. The droid’s head spins around and then he collapses to the floor, as the others look on. An exasperated Han then tells Chewie, “Not him! The Falcon.” Then Chewie punches the Falcon and it jumps to hyperspace. This is great, and I just like to think that Han got a bit of enjoyment from Chewie punching 3PO but just didn’t show it.

1. Palpatine’s Force lightning

Without any doubt, though, my runaway choice for number one on this list is the gag that comes at the very end of the trailer. In heroic fashion (I think it’s the greatest moment in all of Star Wars), Luke Skywalker defiantly tells the Emperor that, “I am a Jedi, like my father before me.” This moment comes right from Return of the Jedi, and Palpatine responds, “So be it, Jedi.” He then reaches behind him and, in a sudden burst of motion, surprises Luke with Force lightning! But this Force lightning is exactly like the ones that are included in LEGO sets, and they don’t reach far enough to hit Luke. Palpatine tries throwing one, and it just falls to the ground. So he pauses, looking confused, and then launches actual Force lightning from his hands, which Luke blocks with his lightsaber. This moment is absolutely brilliant, as it’s the perfect mix between in-universe and real-world combining for a tremendous laugh.

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