Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order releases surprise update for May the 4th!

On May the 4th, EA and Respawn announced a surprise update to the popular video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order!

As I mentioned when it released, it’s the Star Wars video game we’ve been waiting for. And this update makes it even better by bringing in some new content for players who have already completed the game and are looking for something else to do. Here’s a look at the trailer for the update:

The big part of the update is the release of a new feature called Meditation Training. As you play the game, there are areas where you can stop and meditate, which previously allowed you to heal and unlock upgrades. Now, they have added another feature of meditation, which allows for training. This training includes two modes: Combat Challenges and Battle Grid.

  • In Combat Challenges, you face waves of enemies across a number of different environments. By completing enough of these challenges, you will unlock three new skins for BD-1.
  • In Battle Grid, you can set up your own challenge grid across a number of locations by specifically placing enemies at points on the board, then facing off against them.

Additionally, they released a New Journey + mode, which allows players who have already completed the game to re-play the story (needing to re-learn all of the abilities as they go) while still keeping all of their unlocked cosmetics and having Meditation Training unlocked from the start. There is also a new appearance for Cal available in this mode, as you can now play with him in the Inquisitor uniform!

There were also a few bug fixes, accessibility issues, and the like that were released.

This is a really exciting update, in part because I had no idea it was coming! This game is fantastic, and it’s cool to have Meditation Training to have a quick battle or two, shore up skills, etc. And New Journey + looks like a great idea, as it’s a compromise for experienced players who already completed the game, allowing them to re-play the story without having to search for every single chest or things like that.

This is a great game, and this looks like a great update. The update is free for all players, so I’d encourage you to get this game and check it out if you haven’t already!



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