Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who is Admiral Trench?

With the return of The Clone Wars, we’re taking a look at some key figures in this seventh season who may be a bit lesser known to Star Wars fans. Because of this, some might need a refresher of who these people are!

Today, we’re looking at Admiral Trench, who was a looming threat in the first three episodes of the Bad Batch arc but then emerged as the primary villain in the fourth and final episode of that storyline.

But who is Admiral Trench? Let’s dive in.

Admiral Trench is a relatively minor character in The Clone Wars, only appearing in five episodes – three of which have come in this final season!

The most significant episode for our understanding of Trench is “Cat and Mouse.” It’s an episode that appears midway through season two, but it’s actually the very first episode of the series in chronological order! In this episode, as the Republic attempts to get relief to Christophsis, they are blocked by a formidable Separatist blockade. Admiral Yularen recognizes the tactics and fears the worst – that Admiral Trench is in command!

Trench had a reputation as a brilliant and successful military leader in command of a navy. Years before the Clone Wars, Trench was in command of a blockade of Malastare, and Yularen was part of the Republic forces sent to break it. In the ensuing Battle of Malastare Narrows, Trench’s flagship was eventually destroyed – presumably taking him with it.

But he re-emerged early in the Clone Wars, commanding the blockade of Christophsis. Thanks to Yularen’s previous knowledge of Trench – including the recognition of how formidable their foe was – the Republic launched a daring plan, having Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, Admiral Yularen, and a team of clones pilot a prototype stealthed ship to the surface to deliver supplies. Skywalker decided to go on the offensive, engaging in a tactical battle of wits with Trench. Skywalker soon bested Trench, leading the tracking missiles right into Trench’s ship, destroying it – and once again presumably taking the Admiral with it.

Later in the war (as depicted in the season six episode “The Unknown”), Trench had returned. He had once again survived a presumed death, though this time with cybernetic implants required due to the damage he suffered. He was stationed in command of the Separatist forces on the station Ringo Vinda, which came under attack from Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker, Tiplee, and Tiplar, and their forces. In the battle, one of the clone troopers turned on Tiplar and murdered her… all of which was observed by Trench. He contacted Count Dooku to tell him about what he had witnessed, as it seemed like the clone almost couldn’t help himself. Though Trench didn’t know the whole story, what he observed alerted Dooku – and, in turn, Darth Sidious – of a possible flaw in the inhibitor chips that could threaten their plan (for Order 66).

And that brings us to this season, where we learn that Trench commanded the Separatist attack on Anaxes, using an algorithm (from Echo) to defeat the Republic forces, drive them back, and take control of the important shipyards. But after rescuing Echo, the Republic used him – and Wat Tambor’s refusal to admit his algorithim was compromised – to their advantage, luring Trench into a trap. Jedi Generals Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi led an offensive to re-take the shipyards, but unbeknownst to Trench Anakin Skywalker, Rex, Echo, and the Bad Batch had infiltrated Trench’s ship and were feeding him info.

Trench soon learned of this and resorted to his plan B, revealing that he had planted bombs in the shipyard. Skywalker confronted the Admiral about this and forced him to reveal the final sequence of the code that would disarm the bomb. Trench figured that Skywalker wouldn’t kill him, since he was a Jedi, but as Trench attempted to surprise the Jedi with a sneak attack, Anakin stabbed him with his lightsaber, killing him. With the bomb disarmed and Anaxes back under Republic control, they blew up Trench’s ship.

And this time, Skywalker had ensured the Admiral wouldn’t be surviving it.


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