Star Wars Adventures episode pays tribute to General Leia Organa!

Star Wars Adventures recently returned for a second season, and I’ll be exploring more about that in future articles. They’re slowly rolling out new episodes on the Star Wars Kids Youtube channel each week, and they’re pretty cool.

But one in particular stood out to me so far, and it’s the one about General Leia Organa. You can watch it below:

The video begins with some shots of General Organa from the sequel trilogy, using some dialogue of Carrie Fisher from the sequels, and then we get a brand new shot of Leia training Rey.

I love that, even if it’s brief, as it’s really cool to see Leia standing on a cliff overseeing Rey training with a bunch of training droids. One of my favorite decisions in The Rise of Skywalker was to further explore Leia’s connection to the Force and the Jedi, and to have her training Rey. Ever since that, I have really wanted more stories of Leia training the young girl in the Force, and I loved how the novelization for the film gave more details too. So it’s cool to see a shot in this video of that!

And then the video ends by paying tribute to Leia’s enduring legacy throughout the saga, flashing quickly between a number of hero shots from A New Hope through the sequels, with Leia as the constant. I’ve written before about why I think Leia is the strongest character in Star Wars, and she is a heart of the saga. It’s really cool to see this video pay tribute to that, even if in some small way.

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