Star Wars Resistance: “The Mutiny” review

Star Wars Resistance continued this past weekend with the 13th episode of the second and final season, entitled “The Mutiny”!

It was another strong installment, and it seems like the show may have found its footing in recent weeks. Let’s dive in to this week’s review!


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Kragen Gor and his pirates contact Sidon Ithano, a.k.a. the “Crimson Corsair”, to purchase something that will help them take control of the Colossus: B2 Super Battle Droids! They return to the station and unload them, but Synara is suspicious of their actions and kept out of the loop. Captain Doza is also suspicious, and he ventures to the pirates’ hangar to give them a warning. After he leaves, the pirates unload the droids, only to find that they’re not in great condition… and that there’s also one B1 Battle Droid included in the mix.

Doza and Yeager act upon their suspicions by sending Neeku on a secret mission, much to the confusion of Kaz. Neeku heads to the pirates’ hangar and explains that he’s there to work on things, and the pirates convince him to repair the droids and get them up and running – with Kragen telling Neeku that the droids are a gift to help Doza secure the station. Neeku repairs the B2 Super Battle Droids, but he also gets to work re-programming the B1. Before he can finish, however, Kragen locks Neeku in a storage container to keep him from telling others of the plan.

Kaz and Synara sneak into the pirates’ hangar to investigate, but are soon caught and locked in the same storage container as Neeku. With the droids repaired, Kragen leads them in attacking the Tower, trying to wrestle control away from Captain Doza. The droids lock down much of the station, and though Doza and Yeager put up a fight, they are soon overrun. They are taken to the hangar, where Kragen intends to make them walk out into space.

While all of that is happening, Neeku puts his plan into motion, as the B-1 droid unlocks the container. Neeku suspected something was up (as per his assignment from Doza) and thus re-programmed the B1 droid to help. They rush to the tower but find Doza and Yeager are gone. Synara knows where they are, and they head to the hangar, where they confront the pirates. Kragen orders the B2 droids to turn on Kaz, Synara, Neeku, and the B1, but the B1 droid steps up and commands the B2 droids to stand down… and they do! Neeku reveals that he re-programmed the B1 droid to be the commander.

Doza orders the pirates taken captive, and Synara convinces him to let them go free, exchanging their freedom in return for their promise to never return to the station again. Doza agrees and the pirates leave, while Yeager praises Neeku for his skills as a spy, much to the chagrin of Kaz.


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I thought this was another really good episode, and it seems like the show may have finally found its stride once again after a bit of an up-and-down start to this second season. This week’s episode was relatively rare for this season, as it was nearly all contained to the Colossus, but it was really well done and a long time coming. I think many expected the pirates to be discontent on the station, and that certainly turns out to be the case. So if they were bound to cause trouble, I love how this show had them do it: by getting aid from Sidon Ithano, and in having battle droids!

We had previously read the story of Ithano retrieving this lost treasure of Count Dooku and recovering the battle droids (as well as the Clone Trooper Kix!), so that was a really cool tie-in to this episode, as we know how he got these droids! But it was also just really cool to see B2 and B1 battle droids again, and I’ll admit that I was smiling when I first heard the B1 droid again and then saw him emerge. I think it’s cool that these droids are relics of a previous war, only obtainable through less-than-pure means. So I really liked that the pirates’ mutiny involved using these battle droids against Doza and the Colossus leadership.

One of the stars of this episode, though, was Neeku. Captain Doza and Jarek Yeager continue to prove themselves quite capable, and that continues here with Doza suspecting the pirates of something nefarious. So they send Neeku as an undercover spy, and he actually does a really good job. At first, we’re led to think that Neeku has been taken advantage of and that his naiveté has hurt the Colossus once again, but we soon learn that isn’t the case. This was all part of the plan, and ultimately Neeku’s actions are what lead to the Colossus being saved! That’s such a brilliant twist and it is told well in this episode. Plus, it sets up the contrast at the end of the episode between Neeku and Kaz as spies, leading to a hilarious exchange between the two, as Neeku tells Kaz that he learned everything about spying from him – namely, that if you’re clueless and clumsy enough, no one will suspect anything.

But I also think that there’s a lesson to be had in Doza letting the pirates go free at the end of the episode, per Synara’s idea (who, by the way, has in recent weeks been a star). The heroes aren’t so much about hurting others as they are protecting what they love (hmm, where have we heard that before?). We have seen over and over this season the Colossus help those in need regardless of the personal costs, and while this isn’t exactly the same situation, it’s yet again an example of the people on the Colossus taking the high road and thinking of the best for others. That’s how they’re going to win.

In all, this was a highly entertaining episode that continues a string of strong episodes recently. I’m hoping that continues as we approach the end of the series!

My grade: 9.3/10



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