Star Wars Resistance: “Station to Station” review

This week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance was called “Station to Station”, and it put the focus back on Tam and the First Order – which, in turn, meant the episode was a strong installment.

Let’s dive in to our review!


Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 10.16.36 PM

We begin with the First Order, as Tam and Jace are deployed on a supply run to a First Order refueling station that is nearly identical to the Colossus. Before long, we learn that Kaz, Neeku, and CB-23 are also on the station, dressed as First Order radar technicians, trying to retrieve a part crucial to the survival of the Colossus. Basically, if Kaz and Neeku don’t get this part soon, all of the people on the Colossus will die of radiation.

Complicating matters, however, is that General Hux arrives on this refueling station for an important meeting, and he asks Kaz – mistaking him for a First Order radar technician – to show him to the meeting room. When they get there, they find Commander Pyre, but Kaz manages to leave unnoticed. Tam, however, grows more and more suspicious, thinking that Kaz and Neeku might be there, and leaves Jace to go investigate.

Kaz helps Neeku talk out of a difficult situation with stormtroopers, and they find the control room and begin to retrieve the part… when Jace finds them. Despite Kaz’s pleading, Rucklin reports their presence to the First Order and locks them in the control room while Pyre sends in reinforcements. Kaz and Neeku retrieve the part needed but cannot find a way to escape. Tam, watching from a video panel nearby, can’t believe what she’s doing, but actually opens the door for Kaz and Neeku to escape (not knowing it was Tam who did so).

As they attempt to escape, Kaz, Neeku, and CB-23 are pursued by Commander Pyre and General Hux, and they make their way through the hangar amidst a lot of chaos and blasting, and they manage to steal a ship and escape.


Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 10.32.31 PM

I really enjoyed this episode and was greatly encouraged by it, since the previous few episodes of Resistance hadn’t been stellar. This one was, however, and I hope that we continue to see more of Tam and the First Order as the season goes on, since I think that is when the show has been really good this season.

Another thing that I really liked was that Kaz was actually a really competent spy in this one! I’ve mentioned before that I have felt at times this year that the show has undone some of Kaz’s learning from season one, but not so in this episode. He competently went undercover (even facing General Hux and Commander Pyre), he thought quickly to talk out of a jam, he retrieved the part and succeeded, and was actually pretty good with a blaster too. This was Kaz the Resistance fighter that we’ve been waiting to see, and I loved it.

Along those lines, it was also a really subtle but funny touch when Commander Pyre spots Kaz and shouts, “Kazuda Xiono!”, to which Hux asks, “Who?” This one Resistance cell hasn’t quite caught the attention of Hux yet, it seems, but that’s also a reason why Hux wouldn’t have noticed Kaz undercover. Plus, speaking of undercover, it’s awesome that the radar technician outfits Kaz and Neeku were wearing were the same ones as Matt the Radar Technician. That’s amazing.

Of course we also need to mention Tam, as she took a pretty significant step in this episode. In the brief time she’s had on-screen this season it has certainly been hinted that she’s not confident in her choices and might miss the Colossus, and in this episode she feels that too. It was a great choice to have another refueling station just like the Colossus (and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is said to be after all these refueling stations for the First Order’s use). This presented almost a lens into what the Colossus would be like if captured by the First Order, but also provided the opportunity to further develop Tam’s homesickness. All of this culminated with her helping Kaz and Neeku escape, but she also isn’t ready to leave the First Order just yet. In other words, she clearly misses the Colossus, but isn’t quite ready to re-join them yet.

This was a very good and enjoyable episode, and I am hoping that we continue to get a focus on Tam and the First Order.

My grade: 9.3/10

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