There’s something interesting about the lightning in The Rise of Skywalker footage

We’re getting very close to the release of The Rise of Skywalker, when we’ll finally have some answers as to what happens in the final chapter of the Skywalker saga!

As we wait, though, I’m just spending my time analyzing every bit of footage we’ve gotten, and I noticed something that intrigued me regarding the lightning. We’ve seen a ton of lightning in the trailers and TV spots, and it almost certainly will play a huge role in the film too, with Palpatine returning.

But in the footage released, the lightning is coming from below, not above.

Consider this shot of the Sith Fleet, with the lightning coming from below:

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Or this shot of Kylo Ren on the ground, once again with the lightning coming from beneath:

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Firstly, as more of a side note, this furthers my belief that the planet Kylo Ren is arriving at is the one Palpatine is on. But secondly, and more pertinent to the subject of this article, is that it’s strange to see the lightning coming from below rather than above. Now, certainly, in Star Wars lightning doesn’t have to obey the same laws as on earth, and so it’s entirely possible that this planet is just one that has some strange lightning that comes from the planet or something like that.

But if this is indeed the planet Palpatine is on, what if this is just a further display of his power? What if the lightning actually comes from him? Or, if nothing else, what if that’s why he’s on this planet, because somehow it’s strong with the dark side of the Force? We know that some worlds are stronger with the Force than others, so I’d bet that this planet in the Unknown Regions is a dark side haven and is where Darth Sidious is hiding out.

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