Vader: Immortal reveals how Mustafar became the fiery planet we know

In Charles Soule’s tremendous Darth Vader comic series, we learned about the ancient Sith Momin, and connected to that we also learned that Mustafar wasn’t always the fiery wreck of a planet that we know it as.

That story tells how Momin built a weapon that he intended to use to freeze the Mustafarians in a state of fear but was thwarted by the Jedi… but the weapon then created mass destruction.  We were led to infer, therefore, that it was actually Momin who turned Mustafar into the planet we’re familiar with.

But while it’s pretty incredible that Mustafar wasn’t always consumed by fire, we now have learned that it was actually something else that transformed the planet.  The first episode of Vader: Immortal, which released earlier this year on the Oculus Quest, takes the player to Mustafr to encounter Darth Vader.  If you haven’t played it, you can watch it online.

Basically, the story takes your character to Mustafar, pulled out of hyperspace by an Interdictor, and you soon come face-to-face with Lord Vader, who has apparently been searching for you.  You break out thanks to some help, get some lightsaber training, and while sneaking around find out Vader’s motivations: it seems that he still wants to find a way to bring Padmé back.  The way he wants to do so is by the Bright Star, a sacred artifact.  Vader had the key to the Bright Star, located beneath Mustafar’s surface in an ancient temple, but needed a descendant of Lady Corvax to use it.

If that’s not making much sense, that’s ok; the game explains who Corvax is, and the key point is that your character is a descendant of Corvax.  Lady Corvax and her husband lived on Mustafar at some point in the past and were at peace, but eventually Mustafar was attacked and Corvax’s husband was killed.  Corvax then stole the Bright Star, thinking that it would bring her husband back – but instead it inflicted catastrophic damage on the planet, turning it into the volcanic, lava-filled planet that we are first introduced to in the prequel trilogy.

So there you go: the cause of Mustafar’s desolation was the Bright Star, used by Lady Corvax in an attempt to bring her husband back.  It wasn’t because of Momin, but all that likely means is that the planet he devastated wasn’t Mustafar, or that his destruction was limited to a certain area.

Considering that Vader: Immortal is just one episode in, there is still a ton of story left to be told about Vader’s quest for and with the Bright Star, and I’m very intrigued to learn more.  The first episode was actually really good and really entertaining, and I was surprised that it was so significant story-wise as well.  I’m excited to see where it goes next.

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