I’d love to see Galaxy of Adventures branch out beyond just the movies

The Galaxy of Adventures shorts that Lucasfilm put out via the Star Wars Kids Youtube channel are absolutely amazing. Seriously. They’re so great.

These have been a massive hit, and it seems like they’re received widespread praise (and rightfully so). Basically, these shorts have been all about taking scenes from the films and animating them, taking the music and audio from the films to make animated adaptations. This works really well, the animation is great, and the liberties that are taken have all been really cool – for example, the format allows for montages that add to the scenes and our understanding of them.

I really hope that these shorts keep being made. I love them. But I love them so much that I’d actually love to see Lucasfilm expand them a bit. More specifically, I think this would be a great opportunity to animate some non-movie sequences.

There are a ton of great Star Wars books and comics out there, and I think it would be really awesome to see some of the scenes from publishing included in this series, animated and brought to life. Can you imagine a scene from Timothy Zahn’s new Thrawn books animated with this format? Or the Battle of Jakku and Commander Agate’s heroic actions? Or Leia arriving in the Falcon to rescue Han above Kashyyyk? Or Leia’s secret parentage being revealed to the galaxy? The list goes on an on, but my point is that I think it would be really cool to actually bring some of these scenes to life via an animated short.

This would, of course, require more work than simply animating the films, because there would have to be more attention paid to what a character would look like, and there would have to be audio lines recorded… but I think the benefit could be huge. It would bring things to life for those who have enjoyed the books, but it also could serve to stir up more interest in stories outside of the films.

Basically, my desire would be for much more in the style of these Galaxy of Adventures animated shorts, and I’d love to see them include material from Lucasfilm publishing. I think that would be an amazing opportunity.

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