New image shows the Mandalorian fighting Trandoshans!

Entertainment Weekly today released a brand new image from the upcoming Disney+ live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. The photo shows the main character, a bounty hunter known as the Mandalorian, fighting a couple of Trandoshans.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 8.24.59 PM

I don’t know about you, but my first thought upon seeing that photo was actually that it looked a lot like a lifelike photo of action figures that someone posed, but I digress.

The photo is a cool look at what we might see from the show, but we don’t really have any context whatsoever. The only thing that we learned from the EW article was that neither of these Trandoshans are Bossk, so it appears that these are brand new characters. But I am excited to see some familiar aliens, and based on the trailer it certainly looks like we’ll be getting plenty o familiar species and creatures.

But I also hope that we’ll get to see some of the underworld aspects of Star Wars, as the Mandalorian operates in a post-Empire world in which the New Republic has struggled to govern the entire galaxy – letting the criminal underworld run rampant. My guess upon seeing this picture is that these Trandoshans are also bounty hunters or scum or something like that, so we could see the Mandalorian facing off against others like him. I think that would be pretty cool to see.

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