Forest Whitaker returns as Saw Gerrera in Jedi: Fallen Order!

On Saturday at EA Play, we got our first look at gameplay footage from Jedi: Fallen Order, the highly-anticipated Star Wars video game coming out this November.  And while much of the focus was on the nature of the gameplay – you can view a demo with nearly 14 minutes of footage – we also got a very interesting detail about the story: Saw Gerrera will be in it!

Gerrera will once again be voiced by Forest Whitaker, who brought the character to life in Rogue One and Star Wars RebelsAccording to Game Informer, this younger version of Gerrera is “agile and fearless” and uses a grappling hook to get around.  It is unclear whether Gerrera is a major part of the game or not, but he is certainly around for the mission on Kashyyyk.

That’s right: Kashyyyk.  The preview footage of the game was only about this one mission, but it’s pretty intriguing.  Apparently Cal Kestis’s mission – which Game Informer says seems to be related to what Cere, a Jedi Knight and Cal’s mentor, knows, and the viewer will come to learn Cal’s backstory as the game goes on – takes him to Kashyyyk to meet up with Tarfful, a key Wookiee warrior seen in Revenge of the Sith working alongside Yoda and Chewbacca.  Saw Gerrera is also operating on Kashyyyk, and he comes to meet Cal when the young Jedi hijacks an Imperial walker.  Saw is initially suspicious and presumes the Jedi extinct, but he reverses course once he sees this young Jedi in action.  Cal tells Gerrera that he’s looking for Tarfful, and Game Informer has this to say: “Hearing this name puts Saw on edge, and he immediately says Tarfful is impossible to find, as he is the freedom fighter and symbol of the wookiee resistance.”

Eventually Cal goes on a mission to infiltrate the Imperial refinery and encounters stormtroopers, giant spiders, and other things as he goes about his mission to free the Wookiees.  But although Kashyyyk is all we see of this demo, it’s just one of the many worlds that the player will visit in this game – and half of the worlds are familiar, while half are new.  The game looks pretty awesome and I’m definitely hopeful; it’s been a while since we’ve gotten a true single-player story-based Star Wars game, and I’m excited to play Jedi: Fallen Order.  It looks beautiful, and the story (though we’ve gotten few details so far) sounds intriguing.

My attention is piqued even more now that Saw Gerrera is returning, and it seems that Tarfful is as well (or at least will be a significant figure plot-wise on Kashyyyk).  Since this story is canon, I can’t wait to learn more about the story of Cal Kestis, and I can’t wait to see who else he encounters along the way.

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