Star Wars Resistance: “The Doza Dilemma” review

Star Wars Resistance continued this week with a thrilling action-packed episode, entitled “The Doza Dilemma,” which included some very important moments for a number of figures and factions on the show.  There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s jump in to our review!


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The episode begins with Commander Pyre (with Captain Phasma in the background) discussing plans with Kragen Gorr and the pirates.  The pirates want triple their pay, and the First Order counters by agreeing – if the pirates can take something very precious to Captain Doza, which we learn later is his daughter.  Kragen contacts Synara on the Colossus and informs her that some pirates will be smuggled onto the station that night, and it is up to Synara to make sure she gets the shipment and to get them into the tower.  She isn’t sure how to get into the tower, but she befriends Torra Doza at Aunt Z’s.  Torra invites Kaz, Tam, and Synara back to her room to play the latest video game, and she gives her friends a code so that they can visit her at any time.

Later that night, Synara meets up with the two pirates who stowed away in a shipping container, and she lets them out and leads them to the tower.  Kaz and BB-8 are coming to inquire about some parts (and, as Team Fireball teases him about, to see Synara), but they overhear Synara’s conversation with the pirates.  Kaz and BB-8 stealthily follow them through the hallways, and Synara gets the pirates inside the tower.  They leave her waiting outside, at which point she realizes that Torra is the target.  She is furious that Kragen didn’t tell her his, and she sets off to find Kaz to get help.  The pirates inside the tower use droid poppers to disable the security droids and kidnap Torra.  Synara finds Kaz and tells him what’s going on, and he and BB-8 immediately take off in the Fireball in pursuit of the pirates, who are riding speeder bikes away from the station.  Synara contacts Captain Doza in the tower, and Doza desperately scrambles the Aces.

The pirates soon switch to a different speeder to throw their pursuers off the trace, and while it works on the Aces, it doesn’t work on Kaz.  He continues his pursuit, and though the weapons systems aren’t working on the Fireball, he manages to evade most of the pirate fire.  Before long, the pirates arrive at their massive pirate ship, which opens fire on Kaz.  BB-8 then gets the communications back online and transmits the coordinates to Doza, who re-routes the Aces to that location.  Kaz is busy evading the pirate fire when he notices a First Order transport arriving.  The First Order, led by Major Vonreg, is bringing payment for the pirates in exchange for Torra, but Vonreg and the stormtroopers double-cross the pirates and open fire, rescuing Torra and keeping their money.  Vonreg contacts Captain Doza and informs him that Torra is safe, and Doza orders the Aces to escort the First Order shuttle back to the Colossus.

Torra is reunited with her father, who expresses thanks to the First Order for rescuing his daughter.  Vonreg says that they’ve been monitoring pirate communications for months, and he leaves a stormtrooper contingent with Doza while the Captain continues thinking about the First Order’s offer of protection for the station.  The next day, Kaz goes to visit Synara looking for an explanation for the night before (when he had seen her working with the pirates), but finds that she just lies again – leaving a weary Kaz to realize that she’s either working with the pirates or a pirate herself.


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There was a lot that happened in this episode, and I’ll just start by saying that I found it very enjoyable and exciting, as it was quite action-packed yet had several very important developments.  I continue to appreciate Kaz’s flying ability, and he proved to be the only pilot who could successfully pursue the pirates.  Torra took notice that it was Kaz who came after her, and since BB-8 was the one who alerted Captain Doza to the coordinates, I’m sure that Doza will soon recognize Kaz’s abilities and promote him to one of the Aces.  The Fireball keeps breaking down, but Kaz is a very skilled pilot with a big heart, and he instantly drops everything to go after his friend.  I mentioned last week that Kaz has shown remarkable growth, and that continued in this episode.

One area of growth in this episode is that he has grown weary of Synara.  He clearly has a thing for her, and he hasn’t once suspected anything nefarious of her… but after witnessing her interaction with the pirates, Kaz is now very skeptical of her.  He offers her a chance to explain herself, but she doesn’t and comes up with an excuse that clearly doesn’t convince Kaz.  So by the end of the episode, he recognizes that this person he considered a friend isn’t actually who she claims to be.  BB-8 has suspected this all along, but Kaz never has – and that’s been a part of his character.  He’s been the naive kid who is super trusting of everyone, but we’re beginning to see him grow a bit more discerning.

While Kaz is wrestling with the question of who Synara actually is, it seems that Synara is too.  She clearly has liked being on the Colossus and has made friends in Kaz, Tam, and Torra.  So when she finds out that Torra is the target, she does what she can to ensure that Torra is rescued.  Kragen didn’t tell her of the target because she has become “soft,” yet this obviously angers Synara.  I think sooner or later Synara will officially defect from the pirates because she has found a better family with her friends on the Colossus.  Regardless of how that happens, I think that this episode proved important because she realizes that the pirates may not be entirely trustworthy (or trust her) and she springs in to help against their cause once she finds out what it is.

That cause is obviously to kidnap Torra, and the plan is to give Torra over to the First Order in exchange for an incredibly large payment.  The pirates and the First Order have been working together for pretty much the entirety of the series, and their purpose is that the pirate attacks will leave Captain Doza so desperate that he will turn to the First Order for protection.  So from pretty much the beginning of the show we’ve been wondering how all of that would go down, and this episode provided as satisfying of an answer as possible.  While the First Order commissioned the pirates to kidnap Torra, their real plan was to then ‘rescue’ Torra from the pirates and be further portrayed as the good guys in Doza’s eyes.  So they betray the pirates and rescue Torra.  This obviously ends their working relationship with Kragen and his pirate gang, so we’ll have to see how much we see of the pirates moving forward.  But it’s a very reasonable, satisfying, and good explanation for how that relationship stops, and it’s also very important and satisfying in getting Doza to further embrace the First Order.  Doza clearly still isn’t entirely comfortable with the First Order’s proposal, but he does accept a stormtrooper contingent to stay on the station.

So I believe this is how the First Order will maintain a greater presence on the Colossus, which surely will create tensions to escalate quite quickly in the coming weeks.  In this very exciting episode, we were entertained and found out some very important developments regarding Synara, the pirates, and the First Order.  The First Order’s plan was a very good one that makes perfect sense for viewers and is a major plot point of this first season of Resistance.  The First Order’s involvement on the Colossus is only just beginning.

My grade: 9.5/10

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