Star Wars Resistance is officially getting a second season!

This news doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but it’s now official: Disney has renewed Star Wars Resistance for a second season, premiering this fall on Disney Channel.

The show follows Kazuda Xiono, a former New Republic pilot who joined the Resistance and is sent on a secret spying mission to Castilon, to figure out what the First Order is up to.  We learned a lot from the first half of season one, and it seems like the second half of the first season – which begins on January 13 – will be quite epic as well.  Lucasfilm today released this trailer for the second half of the season:


I’ll have a full breakdown of the trailer coming later, but for now give it a watch, because it’s pretty cool and shows how this show will overlap with The Force Awakens.  That’s a large part of why I thought it was so obvious it should get renewed for a second season: with the events of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi taking place within a short period of time, if this first season overlaps with TFA, it means the second season likely will venture into the post-TLJ world.  And since Lucasfilm will really begin to ramp up the anticipation for Episode IX this fall, it seems that this show would be an ideal way of helping show some different aspects of the post-TLJ world that the viewer will see in Episode IX, since there will be a time jump (it sounds like it might be a year).

I’m excited to see where this show goes, as it has already been much better than expected and really enjoyable.  It looks like the action, tension, and intrigue will escalate quite a bit in the second half of season one, and I’m really happy that there will be a second season coming this fall.

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