Cassian Andor show will reportedly begin production in October!

Recently, Production Weekly tweeted out an update about the Cassian Andor show being developed by Lucasfilm, saying that the show will begin production in October.

Star Diego Luna is apparently finishing up some other projects but then will head back to the galaxy far, far away to reprise his role as Cassian Andor, the Rebel Intelligence agent who teamed up with Jyn Erso to lead the daring Rogue One mission that led to the Rebellion having a chance against the Death Star.

All that we know officially about the show is that Diego Luna will indeed return as the star, and that the show will be a prequel to Rogue One that shows the darker side of the Rebellion as the show deals with spying and thrills and intrigue.  Many have wondered whether we’ll see Cassian’s buddy, the droid K-2SO, or other familiar faces (such as Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Saw Gerrera, or even Enfys Nest or Ahsoka Tano).  Regardless of who shows up, though, it will be very interesting to learn about the earlier days of the Rebellion, including some of the darker aspects that come with a rogue organization rebelling against the Empire.  We saw a bit of that in Rogue One (as Cassian had to kill an informant), but we’ll likely see more of it in this show.

The show will be released on Disney+, and reports have pegged Stephen Schiff as the showrunner.  We don’t yet have a release date, but at least now it seems like we know when production will begin.  With The Mandalorian already in production and this Cassian Andor show set to begin production this year, it’s a great time for Star Wars and live-action shows!

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