Star Wars: Episode IX looks to currently be filming in Jordan!

Filming on Star Wars: Episode IX is well underway, and they currently appear to be filming in Jordan!

There were reports this past summer that Jordan would be a filming location for Episode IX, and it has been confirmed that at least some in the cast are currently there.  John Boyega recently posted a video of what looks to be a pre-shoot party, and a few days after that Oscar Isaac’s wife, Elvira Lind, posted an Instagram photo from Jordan.  Then just this weekend, Lind posted a picture of both Boyega and Isaac celebrating her 37th birthday in Jordan (Boyega also posted the picture on Twitter).

So in other words, it looks like both John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are in Jordan currently filming for Episode IX.  That’s interesting, and considering pictures that previously leaked from another location featuring both Boyega and Isaac, it looks as though the two of them will share significant screentime in the upcoming film.

It should also be pointed out that a Reddit user named YenaMagna seemingly stumbled upon a set in Wadi Rum from Star Wars.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 7.54.30 PM.png

You can see more of the pictures at this link.

But is that everything to note?  Perhaps not.  Now is where things get a little less certain, but there is perhaps reason to believe that both Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver are also in Jordan filming.  The same Reddit user who posted those photos of the set believed they saw Daisy Ridley there, though noted that they could have simply been mistaken.  But another Twitter user then later said that they had seen Daisy Ridley in Dubai.  Making Star Wars recently did some work putting together all these tidbits that seem to give an indication that Ridley and others are in the area on set.  And then on Monday, John Boyega was asked on Twitter whether he’s gotten the chance to hang out with Daisy Ridley yet and responded, “Yep! We are all in this together”.  So we know for a fact that John Boyega has been hanging out with both Oscar Isaac and Daisy Ridley on set.  That doesn’t confirm that Daisy is actually in Jordan (since they could have been on set in another place), but given all of these signs it seems that she may very well be on set there.

The same seems to be true of Adam Driver.  Again, MSW did good work keeping track of where Driver has been recently, and the most noteworthy of all was that he had to cancel an appearance at Cambridge because of a change in filming.  The release from early October stated that, “Star Wars has just had a massive schedule change, and given what they need to shoot next week they need Adam to rehearse all day tomorrow.”  So does that mean that Adam Driver was shooting in Jordan?  No… but again we come to another Tweet from John Boyega Monday morning.  Someone asked him who had won the most ping pong games on set so far, and he responded, “Adam driver”.

Much of this seems circumstantial, but there are indications that this shoot in Jordan is very extensive.  There are rumors about it being an extended filming location, and if it is true that Boyega, Isaac, Ridley, and Driver are all on set, then of course that is quite important.  It seems that Jordan might be a crucial location for the upcoming Star Wars film, and that there may be major sequences that take place there.

So where would it be, exactly?  The first place our minds should go is Jakku, since Jordan was actually in consideration for Jakku in The Force AwakensRogue One then wound up filming in Jordan as the location for Jedha.  We obviously know what happened to Jedha, but could Jordan be the setting for Jakku this time?  Perhaps, if there’s a good reason for returning to that location story-wise.



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