Solo: A Star Wars Story novel features Tag and Bink deleted scene

During production of Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard tweeted out a picture of himself with two actors playing Imperial officers, indicating with the caption that they were playing Tag and Bink.

Their scene in the movie was ultimately cut, but the upcoming novelization (written by Mur Lafferty) features that scene. recently shared an excerpt from the novel, and Tag and Bink show up.

The scene expands upon Han Solo’s time in the Imperial navy, including the actions that got him sent before a military tribunal and, ultimately, kicked out of the flight academy and reassigned to the infantry on Mimban.  Solo is brought before Commodore Almudin, and there is a screen that depicts Han’s actions.  Standing on either side of the screen are Tag and Bink:

It was flanked by two Imperial guards, Lieutenants Tag Greenley and Bink Otauna. Once upon a time, Han had attempted to befriend them, but they turned out to be such colossal screwups, Han started to avoid them before they got him or themselves killed. Still, he needed all the friends he could get. He gave them a little wave and a grin. They looked back at him wryly and said nothing.

That’s the perfect description of those two, who existed in the EU as comedic characters who interacted with major events and characters in the Star Wars universe.  They aren’t to be taken seriously, and it seems that has carried over in their introduction to canon.  I love the thought that Han stayed away from them because of how idiotic they were, fearing that he might be killed if he hung around them.  That’s great.

It’s cool to see characters from the EU brought into the canon universe, whether that’s on a major scale like Grand Admiral Thrawn or on a minor, inconsequential scale like Tag and Bink.  It’s cool to see Lucasfilm looking for ways to utilize assets from the EU without ruining those characters.  Hopefully we’ll see more of that in the future (Old Republic characters, anyone?).  But for now, it will be interesting to see this and other scenes in the Solo novelization that are new and which add to our understanding of the movie and the universe.

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