We just got our first look at some of the characters from Star Wars Resistance!

The newest show from Lucasfilm animation, Star Wars Resistance, is coming this fall, but surprisingly we haven’t really seen anything about it besides for the official announcement back in April.

At a French Disney convention, however, audiences were given a bit more information!  It sounds like the series will premiere in October in France and will be focused on humor and action:


A rough translation of that Tweet reads: “StarWarsResistance, the new animated series Lucasfilm will arrive in October on DisneyXD.  A decidedly series on action and humor with the strong presence of BB8.”

Additionally, audiences were given their first look at the main characters via a piece of artwork:

Alright, so here’s what we can learn from all of this:

  1. Firstly, it sounds like it will premiere in France in October, and the original Star Wars release said that it will first premiere on Disney Chanel in the U.S. before airing on DisneyXD across the world.  That means that we can safely assume that the realize date for the United States will be even earlier than in France, meaning that at latest we should be seeing the show in October, but quite possibly could be getting it in September too.  All we know is that it’s coming this fall, but this latest tidbit helps us place it a little more exactly.
  2. Secondly, the series will focus on humor and on action.  Judging by the reaction to the humor in The Last Jedi, this will surely be met with mixed reactions by fans, some of whom seemingly don’t like humor in Star Wars.  But Star Wars has always had humor, including the TV shows, because kids are a target audience for Star Wars.  So it’s nothing to be upset about that Resistance is going to have humor, as it’s safe to assume that Dave Filoni knows what he’s doing and isn’t going to force humor in just for the sake of humor.  If you remember, especially early on, Star Wars Rebels contained plenty of humor too.  The show will also focus on action, which isn’t exactly surprising for Star Wars but certainly should be noted, as it gives the impression that there will probably be quite a few battles between the First Order and the Resistance that we’ll get to see.
  3. Thirdly, BB-8 will be a prime focus.  Because who doesn’t want more BB-8?
  4. And fourth, we finally got our first look at some of the characters from the show, which is certainly very welcome.  Unfortunately the picture we got is not at the best angle and is somewhat blurry, but Reddit user lgodsey enhanced the image to give us a slightly better look at it:

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.07.23 PM.png

On the Resistance side (right), I assume that’s Kazuda Xiono, the young Resistance pilot and spy who will be the focal point of the show.  Many have noted (and expressed worry) that he looks incredibly similar to Ezra Bridger, but I am guessing that once we actually get to see him in motion and in action some of the fears will be assuaged.  You can also see what looks to be a new ship design at the bottom of the picture, and then of course the familar faces of BB-8 (far right) and Poe Dameron (top left) on the Resistance side, surrounded by some of the other new characters.

On the First Order side (left), it’s a bit less noteworthy as there are two stormtroopers and some TIE Fighters, but then the most prominent figure is Captain Phasma in the center.  She will figure to be one of the primary antagonists in the series, and it’s exciting to get a chance to actually see more of why she is so feared.  But then the really interesting thing – and, in my opinion, the most interesting character on this promo art – is the figure in red to Phasma’s right.  The reason it is intriguing is because we know that Captain Cardinal wore red stormtrooper armor with a cape, and it would be really awesome to get to see more of Cardinal.  He served as the captain in charge of the stormtrooper development program and was well thought of by First Order leadership, but not by Captain Phasma.  So we might get to see some of the rivalry between them, as well as more of Cardinal in action.  That would be really cool!  The problem, however, is that it doesn’t exactly look like Cardinal.  For starters, the figure doesn’t appear to have the cape that Cardinal wears, and the figure’s helmet looks much more like a deathtrooper’s helmet than Cardinal’s helmet.  So far, the only figures in the First Order that we know don red armor are Captain Cardinal and the Praetorian Guards, and I’d heavily lean toward this being the former rather than the latter.  Of course, it could just as easily be a brand new character that we haven’t met before, but I’d love to see more of Cardinal.

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