If Lucasfilm wants a project for Disney’s streaming service, they should finish The Clone Wars

Amidst all the discussion recently about the future of Star Wars standalone films, there was a rumor that Lucasfilm might be saving the Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone film to debut on Disney’s new streaming service.

To be sure, it makes a certain amount of sense to have some big draw to the streaming service, and Star Wars is perhaps the biggest and best property for Disney to do it with.  The live action TV show from Jon Favreau is likely to debut on the service, but perhaps Lucasfilm could have something else up their sleeves to help Disney draw in subscribers for the service, which they hope will rival the other major streaming services such as Netflix.

I’m still skeptical that a project such as the Kenobi standalone film would be relegated simply to this streaming service, however.  It’s a movie that fans have been wishing and asking for ever since the standalone movies were conceived, and bringing Ewan McGregor back to the role of the iconic Jedi Master would be a major draw.  Sure, it would draw people to the streaming service, but it also seems like a movie that is bigger than just that.

With that said, though, I do think a major project from Lucasfilm would help Disney launch their service.  And if they want something more than Favreau’s TV show to do it, I have an idea that, at least in my mind, makes a lot of sense.

Finish the Clone Wars.

To be sure, there hasn’t been any reports to this extent, so this is all just my suggestion as to what would be a project that would draw plenty of excitement and could debut straight to the streaming service.  And with Dave Filoni heading to San Diego Comic Con next month to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the show, it would seem like an ideal time to make such an announcement.  So here’s my suggestion.

I’m not necessarily suggesting they make another whole season or two, since after all many of the arcs that had already been conceived have been released via other media, whether that be books or unfinished arcs or comics or the like.  So when I say finish the Clone Wars, I mean truly give the series a satisfying ending and wrap some things up.  Rebels wrapped up some things, but there’s still something that could be done: the Siege of Mandalore.

We’ve already heard much about the Siege of Mandalore: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were going to work with Ahsoka Tano once more, who had tracked Maul down to Mandalore.  They were then to engage in a fight against Maul’s forces, only for Kenobi and Skywalker to be recalled to Coruscant in a desperate rescue mission of Chancellor Palpatine – a move which, of course, ushered in the end game of the conflict.  Skywalker would leave Rex and some others from the 501st with Ahsoka on Mandalore, however, and she would lead them into battle against Maul.  She would nearly be successful, but unfortunately the Clone Troopers would turn against her – leaving her and Rex to fake their own deaths and then go their separate ways.

It could be a feature-length animated film wrapping up The Clone Wars, and would give us one last time of Anakin and Ahsoka working together.  It would flow perfectly into Revenge of the Sith, showing Kenobi and Skywalker recalled to rescue the Chancellor, as well as Order 66 in action.  It would tie in with Solo and other material by bringing back Maul in action, and it would give us plenty more of the fan-favorite Ahsoka.  Seeing this brought to the screen would be a huge thrill, would be a way for Dave Filoni to give The Clone Wars a fitting ending, would be a move very pleasing to fans, and would be a big plus for Disney’s streaming service.

To be honest, I can think of no better option for all parties involved – Disney, Lucasfilm, the fans, etc. – than by returning once more to the beloved TV show and wrapping it up with this film: Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Siege of Mandalore.  I’m not holding my breath on it actually happening, but I absolutely think it’s what Lucasfilm should do.  Hopefully they agree.

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