Star Wars: Episode IX has a script; filming to begin in July!

It’s a busy time for Star Wars right now, as Solo hits theaters in May, The Last Jedi will see a home release in a month, and Rebels is wrapping up in a matter of weeks.  But J.J. Abrams and his team are already hard at work for Episode IX, and the director revealed that the script is completed and that filming will begin near the end of July.

“We have a script, which is a big deal for me,” Abrams said during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  He added that “having a script in advance is something I haven’t always been lucky enough to have… But I’m writing this with Chris Terrio, who’s a genius, and I’m having a great time.”

Abrams, a very successful and well-known film and TV director, was tapped by Lucasfilm to reinvigorate the Star Wars franchise after Disney’s acquisition, and Abrams directed the enormously successful and record-breaking The Force Awakens in 2015.  He wasn’t scheduled to direct another Star Wars film, as Rian Johnson directed The Last Jedi and Colin Trevorrow was scheduled to direct Episode IX.  Earlier this year, however, Lucasfilm made a change in directors, and they soon after announced that Abrams would be returning to finish up the sequel trilogy.  As he mentioned, he’s co-writing the script with Chris Terrio.

Taking over such a massive franchise wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do for Abrams, however.  “I was terrified,” he admitted to Colbert, “and luckily was surrounded by incredible people and we had a lot of fun.  And being back for Episode IX is as surreal as it gets and really exciting.”

It’s also quite exciting that the script is finished and that filming begins this summer!  Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to hit theaters on December 20, 2019.

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