Are more Star Wars Legends characters to be made canon soon?

When Disney took over Lucasfilm in 2014, the vast Star Wars Expanded Universe was rendered non-canonical, grouped into the “Legends” category.  The idea was to allow the next generation of Star Wars storytellers to have a blank slate to create with, as well as promoting continuity across all storytelling mediums.

But those involved in these new stories can certainly appreciate some of the terrific characters from Legends, including the one who many consider to be the single greatest invention from the EU: Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Dave Filoni and his team on Star Wars Rebels brought the legendary Grand Admiral back into canon, and Lucasfilm has since seized on the Thrawn name: in addition to his appearance in seasons three and four of Rebels, Timothy Zahn has already published a new Thrawn novel and has another one on the way.  Additionally, Rebels has brought back the Chimaera (Thrawn’s Star Destroyer) and Rukh (Thrawn’s assassin bodyguard) into canon.

These moves have been met by much excitement from fans, and Lucasfilm apparently has plans to introduce more Legends characters back into canon soon.  Recently, Leland Chee – the keeper of the holocron and a member of the Lucasfilm Story Group – tweeted this:

Of course, Tag and Bink had a funny relationship to canon in the EU, but they’re going to appear in the upcoming Solo film.  The duo were featured in comics showing their humorous exploits as they interacted with some of Star Wars’s most famous characters.

Since they’re being brought back into new canon material, Chee mentions them to make his point that if Tag and Bink can become canon again, then it seems like anything could theoretically be brought back as well.

The most obvious and most interesting character who could be brought back to canon is Darth Revan.  He was going to be brought back into canon during the Mortis arc of The Clone Wars, and there’s a deleted scene where the Son talks with Revan.  So with Star Wars Rebels set to explore more of the Mortis mythology before the show ends, perhaps that’s a way to tie-in Revan.  Additionally, many have seen The Last Jedi visual dictionary as giving a clue to Revan’s possible looming canonicity: one of the artifacts that hung in Luke Skywalker’s cave on Ahch-To was explained as a “trophy made from fragmented Sith lightsaber crystal,” and it was labeled a “Recovered Jedi Crusader Pendant.”  That’s very significant language, because the use of the term Jedi Crusader is the same one used in the EU, of the people making up the group Revanchists, with Revan as its leader.  The Revanchists operated during the Mandalorian Wars – which have also been made canon again by The Clone Wars and Rebels TV shows.  In other words, Lucasfilm has subtly been dropping hints that some interpret as indications that Revan may be made canon again soon.

Speaking of the Jedi Crusader pendant, Pablo Hidalgo explained it thusly in the Star Wars Show’s The Last Jedi secrets explained video:

“It’s just an interesting prop to suggest that he’s been out in the galaxy collecting clues and doing research on the history of the Jedi.  So I mentioned that it was just a captured trophy from a Jedi Crusader from ages past.  What I’m hoping to [do] is be evocative enough that if someone wants to pick up that thread and say, ‘you know what, I betcha that’s what this story is’ And we definitely have the avenues and the channels to tell those kinds of stories now.”

Whether it’s Revan or someone else, it sounds like we may soon see more Legends characters brought back into the canon universe that Lucasfilm is creating.  And that’s a good thing.

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