New The Last Jedi TV spots show new shots of Rey, Phasma, DJ, and more!

The countdown is under twenty days until The Last Jedi, and as expected, there have been a lot of TV spots and teasers and similar promotional material being released recently.

We’ve been looking at several of them already, but more keep coming out and giving us a few new shots each time.  So it’s a lot to keep track of, but let’s take a look at what new was revealed in a few of the more recent ones, with new shots of Rey, Phasma, DJ, and more.

As always, even though these shots are promotional material, don’t proceed any further if you don’t want to know anything about The Last Jedi.


Rey using the force

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.01.14 PM

A new Japanese teaser has given us the most interesting new shot recently, so we’ll mention it first: we see Rey reaching out her arm and using the force.  We don’t really have any context surrounding this shot, so we don’t really have any answers regarding what’s going on.  But the background looks like it could be a Star Destroyer (which would likely be the Supremacy) and it seems that there’s damage and explosions (which could be triggered by Finn and Rose).  Also, with the sparks flying around this looks strangely similar to the shot of Kylo Ren reaching his hand out to Rey, so it’s possible that they’re in the same location.  But why is Rey using the force?  That, we don’t know.

“So good to have you back”

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.57.14 PM

A short “Back” teaser that dropped on Thanksgiving Day showed the first lines from Captain Phasma that we’ve heard yet from The Last Jedi.  We see this shot of Phasma following a number of stormtroopers and standing on a walkway in what figures to be a Star Destroyer, saying, “So good to have you back.”  This line is almost guaranteed to be said to Finn, who we know goes undercover to infiltrate the First Order and who eventually engages Phasma in a fight.  This scene isn’t the same setting as the one in which Finn and Phasma fight, however, so it’s probably at a different time in the film.  My guess is that Finn and Rose get captured and confronted by Phasma, who orders a public execution to make an example of them (we know there are executioner stormtroopers in this movie).  But then an explosion goes off (likely due to Finn and Rose’s efforts), and perhaps that’s the diversion for Finn to break away and confront Phasma in combat.

Chewie and the Porg

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.58.13 PM

Perhaps Chewbacca isn’t as fond of the porgs as other material makes it seem.  In an earlier trailer we saw a shot of a Porg amazed while sitting in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, and the new “Back” spot showed us a similar shot of the porg sitting on the dashboard… before Chewie pushes it out of the way.  Maybe there’s something to that mysterious feather near Chewie’s mouth in an earlier shot?

Chewie is piloting alone

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.58.05 PM

While the shot of Chewie pushing the Porg out of the way is cute and sure to draw the attention, that shot showed us something more significant: Chewbacca is piloting the Falcon alone.  No trailer or TV spot yet has shown the pilot’s chair in the Falcon while Chewie is piloting, leading people to speculate who is flying, whether Rey or Luke or someone else.  But at least in this shot, there’s no one.  So it seems like it really might just be Chewie piloting the ship through the caves on Crait, and perhaps he just likes the comfortable and familiar feel of the co-pilot’s chair better.

Also, there was a cool shot of the Falcon flying upside down in the caves on Crait, showing off Chewie’s piloting skills:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.57.53 PM

Rey slices the rock

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.53.23 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.53.41 PM

In one of the new TV spots, we see Rey finally slice through the rock.  We have seen this training sequence quite a bit in promo material, and it seems that we’ve begun to get a good idea of what happens.  Rey initially is training with her staff (which we’ve seen in plenty of spots) and then notices the lightsaber in her bag (which we’ve also seen), deciding to train with it (which we’ve seen plenty of) perhaps because Luke hasn’t yet begun to train her.  We’ve seen several times where Rey stops just short of the rock, but in one of the recent TV spots she doesn’t, and she slices right through the rock.

“BB-8, work your magic!”


A recent TV spot for Verizon Wireless showed a new clip of Poe Dameron piloting his X-Wing, being pursued by TIE Fighters.  He says, “I see them!  BB-8, work your magic!”  We see BB-8 in the droid spot on the ship, but then he goes down into the ship to apparently trigger the turbo boost on the X-Wing, which gives Poe a jolt as the fighter takes off.  The clip takes place over D’Qar as Poe flies over a Star Destroyer.  Though it’s an ad for Verizon, it seems to be a clip from the movie, and it’s a real cool one between Poe and BB-8 during the evacuation of D’Qar.


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.04.19 PM

A new international teaser for The Last Jedi gave us our first shot of D.J. in the movie.  Played by Benicio Del Toro, “DJ” is a new character whom Finn and Rose encounter on their mission to infiltrate the First Order.  It’s presumed that DJ is the one who helps them with the necessary means to infiltrate the Destroyer, and this shot is confirmation that he actually goes with them undercover.  We see the shot of him in the hangar surrounded by a number of stormtroopers.  Are they still undercover at this point?  And does DJ stay loyal to Finn and Rose, or does he betray them?

Poe takes a hit?

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.04.45 PM

The same international teaser showed us an explosion in a hangar with a person being thrown back as a result.  Piecing together what else we’ve seen, it seems this might be Poe.  We’ve already seen that Poe’s X-Wing is blown up in a hangar, and putting that together with this one it seems that it might be the after-effects of that – or a similar sequence.  But that’s all just a guess.

AT-M6 walker

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.05.19 PM

The teaser also showed us a new shot of an AT-M6 walker firing.  We’ve seen plenty of shots of the walker marching on Crait, but we haven’t before seen it actually firing like this, so it’s pretty cool to see.

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